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Aquasource   Contact

Aquasource specialises in ultrafiltration, developing technologies and products to optimise filtration of drinking water and re-use applications. Our R&D focuses on developing new membranes and optimising ultrafiltration processes. All these innovations enable us to guarantee efficient, reliable solutions.



20, avenue Didier Daurat
BP 64050
31029 TOULOUSE Cedex 4
Tel.   +33 5 61 36 30 36
Fax  +33 5 61 54 14 13

Cerdeg   Contact

The CERDEG research and development centre develops tomorrow’s processes to keep Degrémont ahead of the field in water treatment. These future technologies are laboratory tested, then run on pilot plants before moving on to the industrial stage.



87, Chemin de Ronde

Denard   Contact

Founded in 1997, DENARD is a founding member of the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park in Richmond, USA. DENARD runs a huge research programme covering such applications as biological treatment, sludge treatment, clarification, membrane filtration and disinfection for drinking water and municipal wastewater applications.



510 E. Jackson Street
VA 23219-1436
Tel.  +1 804 756-7600 
Fax  +1 804 225-8121

Ozonia - Innoplana   Contact

Ozonia conducts research on ozone generating technology and is known for its ability to constantly innovate with such developments as the AT dielectrics that have boosted ozone concentration and output while reducing electricity consumption.

With Innoplana, thermal drying is among the sludge processing solutions of choice. Our sludge processing R&D concentrates on developing safety, low energy consumption and zero dust production.


Ozonia Innoplana 

Stettbachstrasse 1
Tel.  +41 44 801 85 11 
Fax  +41 44 801 85 01



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