Energy efficiency, for the sustainable control of the water treatment costs

Degrémont, at the forefront of energy efficiency, has developed a full range of solutions to improve the energy efficiency of all processes associated with water treatment. Its energy optimisation policy aims to enhance the best practices of its areas of activity: the working out of its processes in R&D and the design phase of its plants, the management and operations of the plants for which it is responsible, and the provision of equipment


Micropollutants, anticipating future challenges

The progress in the field of laboratory testing increasingly highlights the presence of micropollutants in the aquatic environment. They encompass tens of thousands, or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of molecules likely to have direct or indirect potentially chronic effects on ecosystems, even at very low concentrations. As SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s specialist in water treatment, Degrémont anticipated this problem and developed the treatments needed to reduce the impact on the natural environment and to promote the increased protection and preservation of water resources.


Desalination, the sustainable alternative

Numerous municipal and industrial projects have enabled Degrémont to consolidate its world-leading position in the desalination field, in particular thanks to its mastery of water treatment technologies, its expertise as builder and operator, its operating support tools, its introduction of effective energy-recovery systems to reduce energy consumption, its solutions to preserve the Earth’s flora and fauna...


2013 Commercial brochure

Water, a vital resource, critical to health and the environment. A major challenge for the 21st century. Understanding the water challenges our customers face, anticipating their expectations, innovating and containing costs: we strive to achieve the same goal committed together to water, a source of life.





Membrane systems

Aquasource’s mission is to develop membrane systems and their processes for water treatment: drinking water production, process water production, desalination and reuse of traited wastewater.




Annual Report 2011

Our seventy years of experience and more than 10,000 customer relationships make us a substantial and reliable partner with recognised expertise. Listening to our customers is absolutely essential for progress and innovation. We provide each of them with an attentive response specific to their individual needs. It is this level of commitment that allows us to contribute to establishing our customers as leaders in water resource management and environmental performance.



Operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities

 Who else other than the designer and builder can optimise the operation of a water treatment facility, whilst integrating state-of-the-art innovations and technologies? We have been answering this question with our clients for over 70 years, whilst guaranteeing water quality and service continuity. To date, we operate more than 85 plants worldwide...


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Annual Report 2010

Through the very nature of its business, Degrémont is not only a major player in sustainable development, but also a pioneer in the design, provision and operation of sustainable water management solutions. Degrémont is fully committed to the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT corporate strategy, at the heart of which lies a vocation to provide the company’s customers with solutions that help create green growth, while at the same time respecting human beings and the environment.


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Annual Report 2009


The commitment we offer to our customers throughout the world forms part of a long tradition for Degrémont, the world’s leading water treatment company. Our 2009 results demonstrate the power of our strategy...


Sustainable desalination

From saltwater to freshwater

Degrémont is recognised as the pioneer of desalination through reverse osmosis. Since the first installation on Houat island in France in 1969, Degrémont has developed and integrated complementary technologies to produce a sustainable solution. Many references have consolidated its position as world leader in this field...


Annual Report 2008


International development has always been one of the main areas around which Degrémont has built its growth. Today the group has a presence in more than 70 countries and has equipped more than 65 capital cities. However, this internationalisation only makes sense if it really enables the group to offer tailored solutions and services to all its customers, wherever they are...


Energy approach

From fossil to renewable

Degrémont has defined an energy optimisation policy to meet the energy and environmental concerns of its customers. This policy is intented to boost good practices in its business units and incorporate renewable energies in its projects.


Annual Report 2006-2007


The number and diversity of contracts won by Degremont in 2006 demonstrate the quality of the Group’s offering. In our three business lines (design-build, operation and equipment supply) and our four specialities (drinking water, desalination, wastewater and sludge/biosolids), our innovation and the commitment of our teams enables us to provide customers the world over with solutions that are closely tailored to the water treatment challenges they face…


Annual Report 2005


Worldwide specialists in water treatment, the men and women of Degrémont design, build and commission facilities for drinking water production, desalination, wastewater treatment and sludge processing for local authorities. Customers also call on Degremont to operate their facilities and provide all the services required to keep them running smoothly, such as replacement parts, repairs and plant upgrades…



Annual Report 2004


Degremont, as part of SUEZ Environment, pursued its development in 2004 with a particular focus on international markets. In Mexico, the city of San Luis Potosí selected Degremont to design and build a wastewater treatment facility with a capacity of 90,000 m3/day and to operate it for 18 years. In Moscow, the German company WTE chose Degremont as its partner to install one of the world’s largest ultrafiltration units, at a 275,000 m3/day drinking water facility...