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Degrémont has a tradition of sharing knowledge in water treatment. To supplement the water treatment handbooks, Degrémont has issued the handbook factsheets to promote the major water treatment technological changes. Thus you will discover over the several issues, the new processes and tools dedicated to water treatment.






 Handbook factsheet N°10  
 Micropollutants  icone_lien_fb.png  Anticipating future challenges  

Handbook factsheet N°9  
Digestion of sludge icone_lien_fb.png Recovering the energy potential of sludge  

Handbook factsheet N°8  
Energy efficiency icone_lien_fb.png Water treatment offers potential savings  

Handbook factsheet N°7  
Desalination icone_lien_fb.png The sustainable alternative  

Handbook factsheet N°6  
Dehydris Twist icone_lien_fb.png Sludge dewatering  


Handbook factsheet N°5

Meteor icone_lien_fb.png Urban Wastewater, Indsutrial wasterwater (IWW) - Biological treatment  


Handbook factsheet N°4

Aquadaf, Seadaf, Greendaf icone_lien_fb.png Drinking water, desalination, urban watewater - Dissolved Air Flotation  


Handbook factsheet N°3

Thermylis icone_lien_fb.png Sludge thermal process  


Handbook factsheet N°2

Compakblue icone_lien_fb.png Urban wastewater tertiary treatment  


Handbook factsheet N°1

Ultragreen icone_lien_fb.png Urban wastewater treatment using UF membrane  




Handbook facsheets are avaible in french and in russian :




  Область применения  

Информационный лист  N°1  
Dehydris Twist  

Мембранная фильтрация 

городских сточных вод




Информационный лист  N°2


Третичная фильтраци

городских сточных вод.




Информационный лист  N°4

Aquadaf, Seadaf, Greendaf  

Городские сточные воды, обессоливание

ипроизводство питьевой воды




Информационный лист  N°6


Механическое обезвоживание




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