Customized local solutions

To strengthen the relevance of its offerings in water treatment, Degrémont is creating multiple partnerships. These alliances, which extend beyond technological partnerships, allow the company to build customized solutions, enhance the level of expertise provided to clients, and create the conditions necessary for successful local involvement.


For Degrémont, partnerships are both a fundamental and cross-cutting theme that is central to each of its disciplines.


Technological partnerships

Degrémont is developing partnership initiatives with some of its suppliers, allowing it to go beyond the traditional client/supplier relationships. The successful integration of technologies in a treatment system is essential to a facility’s efficient operations. Degrémont is committed, guaranteeing its clients the efficiency provided by this integration and the solution it offers. Our ability to transmit knowledge derived from our operating experience and involving innovative technologies, contributes to improving the quality of our services, thus creating a virtuous cycle. Indeed, Degrémont has built partnerships with GE, Toray, Rictor, Cambi, IST, STC, Bucher, etc.


Industrial partnerships

Degrémont works closely with large civil engineering companies like Odebrecht, Thiess, Vinci, Arab contractors, that are active in the construction phase of the plants we build.


Partnerships for the development and financing of projects

In its BOT activities, Degrémont frequently calls upon co-investors. These are industrial partners, who also provide their expertise in civil engineering, or financial partners, including pension funds, with which we share an investment vision. Degrémont relies on the financial expertise of Sumitomo, Marubeni, Itochu, etc.

icone_lien_fb.png Example of an innovative financing partnership


Local partnerships

Degrémont is also developing partnerships with some of its large clients, particularly through research programs and in the realms of the environment and social responsibility. This approach allows Degrémont to be extremely close to the challenges confronted by its clients. Degrémont is participating at the La Feyssine plant in the Axelera research programs in Lyon. In Valenton near Paris, Degrémont is working with SIAAP on the recovery of sludge for agriculture.


Partnerships, an essential part of continuing improvement

By calling on partnerships in areas of expertise that are outside its sphere, Degrémont is broadening its fields of expertise and its competitiveness. Being competitive is not just a question of price; it is also a matter of acting on a range of criteria including timing requirements, quality and technological differentiation.



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