Some success stories

Drinking water production from groundwater, surface water or desalination of seawater


Australia, Melbourne: Victorian Desalination plant

Based near Wonthaggi, the desalination plant is able to provide a source of drinking water independent of rainfall and open-air storage for Melbourne and some regional communities. It will be capable of supplying up to 450,000 m3 of drinking water per day.

December, 2012 


French Polynesia, Papeete: Potabilisation unit

Inauguration of the first UCD potabilisation unit to offer its communities an effective solution for guaranteeing the quality of the water distributed.

February, 2011.


Senegal, Thiadiaye: Drinking water plant

First fluoride removal plant in West Africa. To meet the objectives required to produce drinking water, membrane filtration has been proven to be the best process to treat brackish water.

April, 2010.


Spain, Barcelona: Desalination plant

Design, build and operate contract: Barcelona’s first reverse osmosis desalination facility.

September, 2009.


France, Helbarron: Drinking waterplant
To anticipate the French regulations, Degrémont refurbished and ensured the reliability of the existing equipment and then established a complementary treatment stage using ultrafiltration membranes.

November, 2008.


France, Saint Cloud: Drinking water plant

This unit, which is considered to be one of the key parts of the Paris drinking water supply system (capacity of 100,000 m3/day), will guarantee Parisians have good quality water.

November, 2008


Australia, Perth: Desalination plant

Design, construction and 25-year operation of the first reverse osmosis facility for Perth (140,000 m3/d).



Spain, El Atabal: Desalination plant

This brackish water desalination plant offers a real solution in the event of a prolonged shortage of water in both qualitative and quantitative terms in Malaga.

March, 2007.


Oman, Barka: Desalination plant

Contract for design, build, own, operate and maintain (DBOOM) of the nominally 120,000 m3/day potable water plant.

December, 2006.


United Arab Emirates, Fujirah: Desalination plant

Hybrid plant for the water production i.e. 62.5 MIGD from 5 MSF units coupled with the power plant and 37.5 MIGD from seawater reverse osmosis.

November, 2006


French Carribean, Vivé: Drinking water plant

This unit which has a capacity of 35,000 to 42,000 m3/day, will guarantee that the inhabitants of Martinique have good quality water.

December, 2005.


Ireland, Ballymore: Drinking water plant

To alleviate the immediate strain on the Dublin water supply, a contract was awarded to provide an additional 45 MLD of capacity.



Taiwan, Chenchin Lake: Drinking water plant

The Chenchin lake drinking water plant provides 450,000 m3/d of potable water to the City of Kaoxiung.

February, 2004.


Spain, Almeria, Carboneras: Desalination plant

Design, build and operate a world class 120,000 m3/day seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant.

July, 2002.


Spain, Mallorca, Bahia de Palma: Desalination plant

Design, Build and Operate (DBO) a 68,000 m3/day saltwater reverse osmosis plant.



Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao: Desalination plant

18,000 m3/day facility supplying Curaçao’s population with drinking water, using reverse osmosis.


Spain, San Pedro del Pinatar: Desalination plant

A seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant built in Murcia, producing 65,000m3/day of water for agricultural and potable uses.


Mexico, Salina Cruz: Desalination plant

In an effort to approach a zero discharge policy, the Refinery of Antonio Dovali, located in Salina Cruz, recycles 16,000 m3/d of its treated wastewater for use in a cooling tower. In addition a RO desalination plant produces water for other usages.



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