Chenchin Lake, Taiwan



In 2002, the Taiwan Water Supply Corporation awarded Degrémont, in partnership with China Ecotek Corporation, the upgrading and extension of the plant on a turnkey basis, as well as its operation and maintenance for a period of 15 years.

Contracted in March 2002, the works were completed in 24 months. Degrémont and CEC have operated the plant since February 2004.


Project highlights

Chenchin Lake drinking water plant delivers Taiwan’s highest water quality thanks to the combination of lime softening, pre and post ozonation and activated carbon filtration processes, a technological first in the country.

Thanks to its effective clarification + filtration device, the plant is able to run efficiently when receiving very high turbidity raw water during typhoon periods.


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The plant, which has been operated continuously during construction works, has been delivering fully compliant clean water quality, 100% of time.

The lime softening process (largest unit ever installed worldwide) allows recycling of 34 T/d of pellets to steel industry.

The plant’s limited footprint and architectural design ensure a perfect environmental integration into the urban area of Chenchin Lake district.

In Auguts 2006, the plant has received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


WATER Treatment line :

  • Preozonation
  • Settling : refurbishment of existing settlers + addition of 3 PULSATUBE lamellar clarifiers
  • Catalytic lime softening
  • Dual media filters : rehabilitation of existing filters + addition of 14 more
  • Post ozonation
  • Activated Carbon filters (14 CARBAZUR GH filters)
  • Sludge treatement with belt filter



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