Mediouna, Morocco


The plant produces 3,800 m3/day to irrigate the surrounding farmland


Water being a precious resource in Mediouna, the local authorities began building a new sewage plant to treat wastewater from this town of 40,000 people and from the neighbouring douars. It's a real advance in environmental protection because the wastewater treatment allows to produce 3,800 m3 of cleaned water. Previously, 2,800 m3 of industrial and household wastewater were discharged into Oued Hassar without first having been treated.


Wastewater recycling: non-conventional water resource

To further protect local water resource, the plant will be equipped with a membrane filtration system combinated with biological treatment. This innovative process, already tested in Europe, is to be implemented in Africa for the first time (apart from in South Africa). It will produce treated urban wastewater of high quality to restore the water table and irrigate cereal crop fields near to the plant.


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Environmental performance

This plant is fully in line with the National Environment and Sustainable Development Charter initiated by His Majesty King Mohamed VI in July 2009. The aim is to reduce extraction from the natural environment and replenish the water table through re-use. The Mediouna plant is also in harmony with the antipollution master plan for the wilaya of Greater Casablanca.





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