La Farfana, Chile


The La Farfana wastewater treatment plant, which was completed in record time, is the fruit of Degrémont’s expertise in the field of wastewater pollution removal.

In order to treat urban water from 50% of the population of Santiago (population equivalent of 3.7 million people), Aguas Andinas, the company managing water and sanitation for the Santiago metropolitan region, assigned Degrémont the construction of the largest wastewater pollution removal plant in Latin America, with a capacity of 8.8 m3/s.


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The wastewater follows the traditional path of screening, then grit and grease removal, primary settling, biological treatment and clarification before finally being disinfected in chlorine prior to discharge.

The sludge benefits from a full treatment line: thickening that is gravity-based or uses flotation, digestion, dewatering, drying and discharge. The plant now produces 120 t of dry solids per day.



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