Gabal El Asfar, Egypt


The Plant, designed and built by Degrémont with its long standing Egyptian Partner Arab Contractors, is not only huge in itself, but also part of the huger framework Project of gabal el asfar Area which, once completed, will represent the largest Waste Water Treatment Plant over the World: With a 2,800,000 m3 nominal daily capacity, the project provides a complete water treatment of the carbonaceous pollution, together with a comprehensive sludge treatment including anaerobic digestion and biogas production enabling a 65 % power supply self autonomy.


Degrémont is also involved in the optimization of gabal el asfar phase 1 waste water treatment plant. The plant implements a similar process and technologies. Degrémont has been working in Egypt since 1948, when the first drinking water production plant was built in Sherbine, located in the Nile delta.


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Health safety & environmental

  • The treated water is re-used for irrigation under responsibility of irrigation Ministry.
  • Part of the treated water is re-used on the plant for irrigation, fire pumping station, cleaning, dewatering unit.
  • The sludge produced is used for agricultural purpose. Analyses on heavy metals are done on a regular basis to check the compliance with Egyptian regulations.
  • The personal takes several trainings during the year about the safety (confined space, ATEX…), the first aid, fire brigade…



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15 Hassan Sabry Street





O&M Services Manager : Yann Thepot

Services Project Manager : Mourad Mounir