Ballymore, Ireland


The Water Treatment Plant at Ballymore Eustace supplies drinking water to the City of Dublin since 1944. The plant is now stretched to the limits of its capacity, and Dublin City Council has proposed a major upgrade to the plant. To alleviate the immediate strain on the Dublin water supply, an interim contract was awarded to Degrémont to provide an additional 45 MLD of capacity.


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Degrémont was able to bring its process innovation to the project, and offered its latest development of the Aquazur V rapid gravity filter, employing the Azurfloor in-situ filtered water collection system. In order to improve the quality of the water coming from some of the sedimentation tanks, Degrémont was also able to install its DH50 lamella packs into the existing structures, hence increasing the rise rate from 3 to 4 m/h while at the same time improving the turbidity of the clarified water from 0.5 to 0.4 NTU.


The contract also included for the construction of a new dirty washwater tank, dealing with the dirty washwater from the new and existing filters, within one of the disused horizontal settlement tanks. Close liaison between Dublin City Council, the consulting engineers RPS and Degrémont was required to ensure that the water supply to Dublin was never disrupted during the construction.



  • Clarification: refurbishment of 4 No. clarifiers with lamella modules DH50  
  • Filtration: 4 No. new twin cell Aquazur V filters of 98m2 surface area 
  • Lime dosing (15 mg/l) 
  • Fluoride (residual of 1 mg/l required) 
  • Chlorination (residual of 0.8 mg/l required) 
  • Washwater settlement