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The As Samra Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) project meets these objectives; it is a success story in terms of wastewater treatment technologies, renewable energy, transfer of know-how, expertise, and above all, life improvement for the future generations in Jordan.


Awarded in 2003 through a competitive international tender and completed in 2008, the initial As Samra WWTP (Phase 1) was designed to treat the wastewater of 2.3 million inhabitants of Amman and its surrounding areas.


This extremely modern plant replaced the old polluted system of waste stabilization ponds, dramatically improving both the quantity and the quality of water available to the downstream agricultural areas up to the Jordan valley that rely heavily on treated water for irrigation purposes. What was once heavily polluted water just a few years ago, has now become one of the cleanest rivers in Jordan!


To address the needs of an ever-increasing population growth, the Government of Jordan decided in 2009 to expand the plant. The Ministry of Water and Irrigation awarded a new 25-year Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) contract for the expansion of the As Samra WWTP. The contract entered into force on July 18, 2012 and the expanded plant is expected to meet the wastewater treatment needs of 3.5 million inhabitants of Greater Amman and surrounding areas.


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A sound and sustainable project


70 % of the wastewater treated in Jordan

The plant treats more than 70% of the total wastewater treated in Jordan and the discharge from numerous septic tankers unloading in the Ain Ghazal pre-treatment plant.


80 % energy self sufficiency

Through hydro energy and biogas production, the WWTP has an energy potential recovery of 80% of its needs, only 20% is drawn from the national grid.


300,000 tons of CO2 saved per year thanks to production of renewal energies.


10 % of water consumption in agriculture come from the WWTP

The plant produces reusable treated wastewater for agriculture usage which represents approximately 10%

of the water consumption in Jordan, freeing up fresh water for more valuable uses.


133 million m³ per year of highquality water produced

A very high-quality water is produced in compliance with international effluent standards through professional operation and maintenance.


230,000kWh of green energy produced per day.


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