Carboneras, Almeria, Spain


On the South East coast of Spain lies the small town of Carboneras. Known across Spain for its sandy coastal beaches it is in this beautiful region of Almeria that Degremont, in a joint venture with Befasa and Predisa, designed, built and now operate a world class 120,000m3/day seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant. Commissioned by the Spanish state owned water corporation, ACUSUR (who are now part of ACUAMED) and working with the Spanish AYESA group, the plant was constructed principally for the production of water for horticultural use in the region. The Plant was proposed in April 2000 with first water produced in July 2002. Seawater is pumped from open seawater intakes, 2 collectors each of 2 meters diameter which are 350m offshore.


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  • A chemical dosing system able to dose sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric acid, sodium bisulphate and dispersant
  • 2 lines of horizontal pressure sand filters 3.5m (diameter) and 13m (length)
  • 12 cartridge filters



To comply with water quality requirements of no more than 400 mg/l TDS, a single pass Degrémont RO system is used

  • Approximately 266,667 m3/day saltwater is pumped to the RO system which is composed of 14 turbo pumps and 12 trains of membranes with 144 pressure vessels per train and 7 membranes per vessel producing 45% recovery rate
  • Energy recovery is via Pelton turbine
  • Permeate is remineralised with hypochlorite, lime and CO2 then 8 pumps (850ms/hr) move the permeate up 55meters to the distribution main.



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