Vivé, French Carribean


Work started in July 2003 and took 27 months, for a total cost of approximately 19 million Euros. The water to be treated comes from the River Capot. It is drawn off using a river water intake, and is then routed to the treatment unit via a supply pipe with a diameter of 800 mm and which is approximately 2 km long.


This unit, which is considered to be one of the key parts of Martinique’s drinking water supply system, and which has a capacity of 35,000 to 42,000 m3/day, will guarantee that the inhabitants of Martinique have good quality water. The advanced technology of membrane filtration using the Cristal® process enables a water quality level to be achieved that is higher than what is required by the standards in force.



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  • River water intake
  • Grit removal unit
  • Remineralization at the head (injection of CO2 and lime)
  • Adding powdered activated carbon
  • Quick mixing, injection of aluminium sulphate
  • Lamellar settling in a Pulsatube®
  • Feed pumping (two 940 m3/h pumps + 1 back-up pump)
  • 130-micron prefiltration
  • Cristal® process ultrafiltration: Five Ultrazur® 450-20 blocks
  • Final neutralization of the pH by injection of lime water
  • Disinfection in sodium hypochlorite
  • Pumping of the treated water to the distribution network and the Assier reservoir (3 x 875 m3/h pumps)


  • Thickening of the sludge
  • Dewatering via centrifugal separation
  • Lime treatment of the centrifuged sludge (with quick lime)
  • Transfer of the sludge to storage skips




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