Anglet, France


In order to treat wastewater from the towns of Anglet and Bayonne (population equivalent of 110,000) by 2015, the local body assigned prime contracting for the execution of the Pont de l’Aveugle urban wastewater plant to the firm Cabinet Merlin and its actual execution to a grouping led by Degrémont.


This new installation, built as a replacement for the old plant, was resized in order to increase its treatment capacity, both in biological and hydraulic terms, as well as to enable treatment of nitrogen and phosphorus. Storm water treatment and the double treatment process guarantee that the installation will be highly reliable.


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Combining high performance and reliability, the water treatment process uses perfectly mastered modern technologies enabling the water discharged into the Adour River to be of a quality which anticipates European regulatory requirements. After 36 months of design and construction work, the plant is perfectly integrated into its environment and all the steps that generate noise and give off odours were designed in order to preserve the quality of life of nearby inhabitants. The plant thus has an odour removal unit, and equipment items that generate noise were installed in soundproofed facilities.


Lastly, the implementation of this new plant also provides an opportunity to raise citizens’ awareness of the environmental stakes, and of the investments and infrastructure required to protect the environment.



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