Mulhouse, France


In order to treat wastewater from the Mulhouse Conurbation’s Multi-Purpose Joint Authority, amounting to a population equivalent of 480,000, the local body assigned Degrémont the task of extending its urban wastewater treatment plant.


Combining high performance and reliability, the wastewater treatment process uses modern technologies that are perfectly mastered, enabling the water discharged into the Rhine to be of a quality which anticipates European regulatory requirements. Major mobilization for expert assessment of the effluent enabled its specific nature to be defined, particularly the presence of major nitrogen pollution due to the carbon load, as well as a response to this using an adapted treatment.


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The studies and works, which took 32 months, were carried out whilst keeping the existing works and equipment in operation. The latter were rehabilitated in order to be integrated into the new treatmentline for which the new works were built. To achieve this, precise phasing of the various stages of the worksite was established in close co-operation with the operators and the various partners involved in the project. This major mobilization of teams enabled deadlines to be fulfilled and continuity of service to be ensured whilst at the same time maintaining the quality of the discharge.


As the plant was designed to be environmentally-friendly, all the units that generated noise and odours were studied. The plant thus has an odour removal unit, and equipment items that generate noise were placed in soundproofed facilities.



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