Fontainebleau, France


This project is part of a complete upgrading of the sanitation system of the Community of Communes Fontainebleau-Avon (CCFA), anticipating the future DERU standards.


Treatment line

With a capacity of 60,000 population equivalents for a daily output of 24,000 m3, the plant will implement Ulltrafor process. The ultrafiltration membrane technology used for wastewater treatment will allow the Community of Communes to reject a water which meets the quality requirements for discharge into sensitive areas.


The sludge from the treatment, dried by centrifuges, will be discharged into the Dammarie-les-Lys incinerator.


Environmental efficiency

The plant's energy efficiency is in line with a policy of reducing CO2 emissions by reducing electricity consumption by more than 20 %.

Any noisy equipment will be placed in soundproof facilities so as to avoid any noise pollution. This complies with the European Directive on water quality and respect for the natural environment.




An innovative policy to restore the biodiversity along the Seine

The plant, whose architectural structure fits perfectly between the Seine and the protected wooded space of the forest of Fontainebleau, is a genuine biodiversity reserve. An ecological area comprising an ecosystem and wetlands habitats will revitalize local plant and animal life.



preServe environnement




Introduced in November 2009 by SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, this label promotes solutions which reconcile environmental performance and financial performance.

By operating on the basis of biodiversity, a carbon balance sheet and the preservation of natural resources, this plant is the first of its kind to receive the Edelway label.