Jiangsu, China


The China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, covering an area of 288 square km, includes a total resident population of about 610,000 people as well as a wide range of international and Chinese industries. The park is continuing to develop and attract industries such as IC, TFT-LCD, automotive and aeronautical parts and other leading industries like swift emergence of software, outsourcing services, biopharmaceutical and nanotech industry.

The treatment plant has a designed capacity of 300 tons per day (with 3 drying lines) and will treat all the sludge, municipal and industrial, generated within the park using INNODRY 2E®, advanced and patented technology. The first phase is expected to commence operation by the end of 2010 and the capacity of the plant is planned to be doubled within the next 5 years.


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Heat recovery and energy savings

The INNODRY 2E® drying technology combines a clean technology with safer treatment and a reduction of the sludge quantity to dispose of. The dried sludge, whose water content is reduced from 80% to 10%, will be recycled as combustible material for the park’s power plant. This helps reduce coal consumption and establishes the plant as a CO2 balanced project.

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