Lusail, Qatar


Degrémont designed, built and will operate the wastewater reuse plant for the seaside, 35 km2, residential and commercial real estate development project in Lusail for 10 years.


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The plant will process 60,000 m3 of wastewater/day for a population of roughly 200,000. It will be equipped with the first biological membrane reactor, Ultrafor®, ever sold by Degrémont in the Persian Gulf. The contract involves the installation of a 10-kilometer+ collection system to carry wastewater from the future town to the purification station.

The water recycled by this plant will make it possible to introduce vegetation to desert parcels of land and to maintain green spaces throughout the artificial Pearl Island.


Key figures of the contract:

Client: The Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company

Year of the contract : 2007


Sewage treatment works/STW: Degrémont

Pumping stations and conveyor/SCT: Marubeni Corporation

Civil engineering work: Mushrif Trading and Construction Company




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