Pusan, Korea


In a context of rapid urban development, the city of Pusan have been faced with environmental constraints in developing their water infrastructures, which needed to be compact and covered for a perfect integration into the city.


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[Joong Ang]                                           [Dong Bu]

In partnership with Korean construction companies, Degrémont has designed and procured key process equipment for the wastewater treatment plants of Joong Ang and Dongbu (Pusan). Advanced biological treatment consists of Densadeg and Biofor N -DN technologies, allowing a flexible operation of the plants. With a compact design limited footprint, these “zero nuisances” plants are completely covered and deodorated.

The wastewater plant of Joong Ang, Pusan City (2nd largest city in Korea), was commissioned by our Client Hyundai Construction. The treatment line of this 110,000 m3/d plant includes 4 Densadeg 3D, 6 Biofor DN, and 10 Biofor N.

The wastewater plant of Dongbu, also located in Pusan, was commissioned by our Client LOTTE  Construction. This 130,000 m3/d plant is equipped with 6 Densadeg3D, 6 Biofor DN, and 16 Biofor C+N.

The plants have been completed in 2005.



Water treatment through Densadeg 4D

Small surface, compact and extended primary treatment capacity

  • 10 times less footprint required than conventional pretreatment
  • Pretreatment and primary settling processes handled in one single equipment
  • high cost-effectiveness on chemical dosing

4 processes in one system :

  • Degritting
  • Grease removal
  • Primary settling
  • Thickening



Water treatment through Biofor Biofiltration, Performance without Nuisance

  • A flexible solution that can adapt rapidly to high flowrate and pollution loads variations
  • A compact technology that allows optimization of plant footprint
  • High treatment performance
  • A completely automated process, easy to operate


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