Some success stories

Urban wastewater plants, Industrial wastewater treatment installations, sludge treatment and recovery



France, Fontainebleau: Wastewater treatment plant

With a capacity of 60,000 PE, the Fontainebleau Avon plant implements a membrane treatment system, allowing the Community to exceed the standards.

December, 2012.


France, Cannes: Wastewater treatment plant

A High Environmental Quality Plant, a Zero nuisance site. Capacity of 300 000 PE.

October, 2012.


Morocco, Mediouna: Wastewater recycling and treatment plant

In harmony with the antipollution master plan for the wilaya of Greater Casablanca, the plant produces 3,800 m3/day to irrigate the surrounding farmland.

July, 2012.


France, Le Havre: Wasterwater treatment plant

The edelweiss wastewater treatment plant is the largest Cyclor reference in Europe, with a capacity of 415,000 population equivalent.

October, 2011 (inauguration).


France, Tournus: Wastewater treatment plant

The town of Tournus has an innovative technology for more energy efficiency: the Greenbass, a sequenced aeration regulation of activated sludge for oxygen needs in real time.

March, 2011.


China, Suzhou Industrial Park: Sludge treatment plant

Sludge treatment plant with a designed capacity of 300 tons per day.

September, 2010.


China, Chengdu: Wastewater treatment plant

Treatment of industrial effluent coming from the refinery and reuse of a third of treated wastewater for cooling.

August, 2010.


Hungary, Budapest: Csepel wastewater treatment plant

With an average daily flow of 300,000 m3/d (1,6 Million PE), the Csepel Waste Water Treatment Plant provides Budapest city with a complete and sophisticated water treatment, compliant with European standards.

July, 2010.


Jordan, Samra: Wastewater treatment plant – Phase 1

First step of the collection, conveyance and treatment of the wastewater generated in the amman russeifa-zarqa basin, where 60% of the population of Jordan lives.

May, 2010


Italia, Rozzano: Wastewater treatment plant

Revamping and extension of the wastewater plant, using biofiltration and membrane biological reactor. Capacity of 115,000 PE.

October, 2009


France, Anglet: Wastewater treatment plant

This plant handles wastewater for the towns of Anglet and Bayonne for a PE of 110,000, using a biological treatment.

September, 2007


Qatar, Lusail: Wasterwater reuse treatment plant

A 10-year design, build and operate contract of the wastewater reuse plant with a capacity of 60 000 m3/d.

May, 2007.


France, Grasse Roumiguières: Wastewater treatment plant

A plant fully integrated in its natural environment, using a membrane technology, with a capacity of 24,000 m3/day.

March, 2007.


China, Xiamen: Wastewater treatment plant

Running at full capacity since 2006, the Xiamen wastewater treatment plant is the largest biofiltration unit in China.

December, 2006.


France, Seine Amont: Sludge treatment plant

This installation produces almost 75,000 tons of dried sludge with a 90% dried solids content in the form of granules.

September, 2005


France, Mulhouse: Wastewater treatment plant

This treatment plant belonging to the Mulhouse Conurbation’s Multi-Purpose Joint Authority with a population equivalent of 480,000 is one of the largest in France.

May, 2005.


Italia, Milan San Rocco: Wastewater recycling and treatment plant

The Milano San Rocco municipal wastewater treatment plant, which handles wastewater for a population equivalent of 1,050,000 improves the city's environmental quality while conserving its water resources.

June, 2004.


Mexico, San Luis Potosi: Recycled water plant

The water reuse technologies used enables the city of San Luis Potosi to conserve its water resources while meeting the industrial and agricultural needs of a dryland area where groundwater quality has seriously deteriorated.



India, Rhitala: Wastewater treatment plant

Contracted by the Delhi Jal Board to Degrémont, the Rithala sewage treatment plant handles wastewater for a population equivalent of 1,200,000 in New Delhi.

April, 2003.


Chile, La Farfana: Wastewater treatment plant

With a capacity of 8,8 m3/s, this plant is the largest wastewater pollution removal plant in Latin America.



Egypt, Gabal El Asfar: Wastewater treatment plant

The plant was designed to daily treat 500,000 m3 of influent from Greater Cairo Metropolitain Region. Now, the plant is operated to treats between 600,000 and 650,000 m3 per day.




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