Diversity is about promoting skills


Promoting Diversity, is about the recruitment and the professional development of every single employee according to his/her skills, regardless of his/her beliefs and without prejudice or complacency.

Through the Diversity process, which Degrémont is strengthening within SUEZ ENVIRONMENT, we are demonstrating our commitment to equal opportunities, to promoting Diversity in human resource management and to preventing discrimination.

For Degrémont, Diversity provides an opportunity for social cohesion and for performance.

In its role as corporate citizen, this work fits into SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT's social programme, by placing social responsibility at the heart of its mission.



The Diversity Policy: our commitment and our belief


A source of mutual enhancement of our employees and a catalyst for innovation, Degrémont, located in 70 countries worldwide, has put diversity at the heart of the 'Degrémont Way'.

Interview with Rémi Lantier, Chief Executive Officer of Degrémont:

"Through our locations in 70 countries and 4 business areas, diversity is in essence positioned at the heart of the Degrémont company.

By positioning it at the heart of the Degrémont Way and values, diversity has been unequivocally identified as a major stake for the company's performance.

This is key for 3 main reasons: The first is that diversity, regardless of gender, race, age or profile, is above all a great pool of wealth for the company as well as for the mutual development for our employees. It is especially a fundamental ingredient of technological, social and client innovation.  Innovation, which is associated with the Degrémont Way.


The second reason resides in the the fact that diversity is also a means of and adapting our company to meet the diverse needs of our clients; clients who are also anxious to integrate diversity into their areas of responsibility.Through our business, we must behave and act responsibly in order to assist our clients in promoting this diversity.


The third reason is that diversity is ultimately at the heart of our values and our way of life. 'Creating confidence by being respectful and genuine' implies that we are open to diversity. Adhering to values is key in motivating our employees. Developing diversity means respecting our values and thereby boosting motivation amongst our teams. »


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