Campus and first job

Schools Partnerships

With the GDF SUEZ Group and SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT we pursue an active schools policy to introduce our activity to the students, train them in our businesses and inspire them to join our teams.

We develop preferential links with, among others, engineering schools, universities, business schools and professional sixth-form colleges.

These partnerships come in a variety of forms: work experience and apprenticeships offered to students in our departments, of course, but also lessons given by Degrémont specialists in schools, information meetings, dissertation or thesis topics proposed to students and so on. Our  Water Treatment Handbook also helps train young professionals in the water businesses every year.



Recruitment of young graduates

In line with our recruitment policy towards young people, we have developed an employment programme focusing on students and young graduates, to encourage a transfer of quality skills as early as possible. One hundred young graduates swell the ranks of Degremont professionals worldwide every year.

We work with the students under a pre-hiring concept by offering them work experience and apprenticeship contracts to train them in the specific technical features of our businesses. The young professionals who have finished their education are offered a first job or a VIE in one of our French or international projects.



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Job Opportunities

Find out about job opportunities in the Degrémont group: