Key functions

Project Manager/Engineer (m/f)

This person is responsible for designing and developing offers in project phase. He/she prepares the offer submitted to local authorities for the awarding of all aspects of the contract - technical, economic and contractual. His/her role ends once the contract is signed: the offer is transferred to the Business Manager/Engineer for its execution.

He/she coordinates an entire team of professionals to produce the best offer as quickly as possible. 

Business Manager/Engineer (m/f)

Once the customer has accepted the offer, the Business Manager Engineer directs all financial, commercial and technical matters. He/she mobilises the internal and external project teams and is the customer's special contact. He/she works in a three-way arrangement with the Buyer and the Engineering Manager/Engineer.

Buyer (m/f)

This is a key member of the project team: he/she is responsible for finding the optimum response to purchasing requirements. He/she chooses the suppliers, negotiates and manages the commitments whilst searching continuously to make Degrémont more competitive. He/she works in a three-way arrangement with the Business Manager/Engineer and the Engineering Manager/Engineer.

Engineering Manager/Engineer (m/f)

He/she organises and supervises all engineering designs in project execution within the Design Division. With the Manager/Engineer, he/she guarantees the technical aspects of the contract, based on studies by internal and external specialists. A member of the tripartite project coordination, he/she monitors the technical and economic choices with a permanent eye on profitability.

Technical Design Manager/Engineer (m/f)

He/she is responsible for producing technical designs. He/she checks the technical opportunities in contracts and coordinates a team of technicians and sub-contractors. The IRET is therefore a specialist in Processes, Equipment, Automation, Instrumentation or Electricity.

Design Office Technician (m/f)

In close collaboration with the Design Manager/Engineer, the Design Office Technician is in charge of studying, designing and creating graphic documents (diagrams, outline drawings, etc.). He ensures on-site feasibility of documents produced.

Commissioning Engineer (m/f)

The final link in the execution phase, he/she supervises all plant commissioning operations, frequently internationally. He/she is the on-site Degrémont representative and performs all the commissioning tests and adjustments. He/she also trains operators and is in charge of having the facility accepted.



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