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Widespread recruitment in North America, Asia and Europe
Degremont Technologies specialises in the sale of high added-value products in water treatment (disinfection, biology, sludge, filtration, manufacturing solutions, membranes) with a major (60%) increasing activity in North America and Europe (France and Switzerland). Its recognised brands (Ozonio, Infilco, Innoplana, Anderson Water Services and Aquasource) correspond to the numerous technical specialisations required in our Equipment businesses to operate in highly-specialised niche markets. Faced with increasingly short selling cycles, our teams are permanently ruled by "market-understanding" dynamics, a key feature in our culture. Enthusiasts for environmental technology - come and share our taste for innovation.


Profiles sought

At Degrémont Technologies we look for staff with both technical and marketing/sales skills. We look for young graduates and experienced professionals, who join our teams possessing skills in electronics, mechanics or water treatment technology. They also have a command of English, which is our working language in a thoroughly international business. Other essential qualities in our business of selling innovative, cutting edge technologies are a spirit of enterprise and good customer sensitivity.


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Shift Engineer (France)


My best moment? The start-up of a sludge drying unit! It was an intense moment, and I acquired a unique experience in plant management and technology.


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