Operation and Services

At the service of the customer today and every day

Operations and Services are field businesses, at the very heart of our water treatment plants. On site, our employees work as a team to ensure that the plant functions correctly. Partners of local authorities, they immerse themselves with professionalism in their task to guarantee service quality whilst protecting the environment.
Operators, technicians and engineers are the key players in this major challenge. They represent the expertise and know-how of Degremont teams. 

Profiles sought 

We recruit field, autonomous and pragmatic profiles for our French and international operations. Engineers, technicians or operators, the posts are open to young graduates as well as experienced professionals. For a young professional, a first experience on site is an excellent introduction to understanding clearly the water businesses and techniques.


The qualities sought for Operations and Services are a sense of customer service, availability, a taste for field work and concrete technical problems. Dynamic, resourceful individuals with a sense of responsibility and teamwork will be excellent employees at our stations. 


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