Water treatment solutions

Water treatment solutions to meet the specific needs of the energy sector :


  • Preservation of resources
  • Guaranteed supply of process water
  • Production of steam
  • Reduction of limescale and corrosion
  • Treatment of drain water and effluent
  • Management of the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and amoeba
  • Reduction of costs


We have a complete range of water treatment solutions for the production of demineralised water and the treatment of drain water and effluent.


The production of demineralised water for cooling systems, the supply to boilers and the manufacture of products: 

  • By ultrafiltration for a consistent quality of treated water
  • By reverse osmosis to decrease the consumption of chemical reagents
  • By coupling of ultrafiltration with reverse osmosis
  • By ion exchange resins to produce soft water of excellent quality, with a reduced quantity of regenerant
  • By electrodeionisation (EDI) for the production of ultrapure water


The treatment of drain water and effluent:

  • By biological processes for diluted effluent and high flow
  • By a physical/chemical process for the reduction of suspended matter and dephosphorisation
  • By coupling of ultrafiltration with reverse osmosis in order to reuse the concentrates and to minimise the amount of wastewater to be treated
  • By MBR, combining aerobic digestion with separation by ultrafiltration membranes


Furthermore, we offer a full range of services that cover the complete processing of your water treatment installations, the maintenance, technical assistance and the location of mobile water treatment units to meet any temporary needs (emergencies, maintenance, etc.).


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