Water treatment solutions

Water treatment solutions to meet the specific requirements of the healthcare facility sector (hospitals, etc.) :


  • Water purification and disinfection
  • Management of health risks
  • Guarantee of water quality for dialysis


We have a complete range of water treatment systems for water purification and disinfection, the sterilisation of instruments in a hospital setting, the water requirements of dialysis systems, etc.  

Water treatment systems for healthcare facilities :

Portable and centralised reverse osmosis haemodialysis systems for: 


  • Individual units - Centurion 1500: heat disinfection,
  • Medium-sized units - Prestige Satellite (4 person): heat disinfection,
  • Large units - Elite MediQA (6 person): heat and chemical disinfection.


Decontamination systems for: 


  • Sterilisation,
  • Endoscope withdrawal, 
  • Dental care,
  • Other medical applications such as joint implants.


Sterilisation services


Instrument cleaning and disinfection operations in a hospital setting: water supply for cleaning systems, disinfection of trolley washers and clean steam generators for autoclaves.



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