Water treatment solutions

Water treatment solutions to meet the specific needs of the paper industry :


  • Guaranteed supply of process water, both in terms of quantity and quality 
  • Water savings
  • Production of boiler supply water
  • Ozone treatment to bleach paper pulp
  • The treatment of waste water, effluent and sludge
  • Cost reduction


We have a complete range of water treatment solutions for the production of demineralised water and the treatment of effluent from the paper industry.


The production of demineralised water for bleaching pulp and supplying boilers and cooling circuits:

  • By coupling ultrafiltration with reverse osmosis 
  • By counter-current regeneration (UFD process), for good quality, softened water
  • By ozone to bleach paper pulp and to ensure the absence of any remaining chlorinated compounds (AOX)


The treatment of waste water and sludge:

  • By a physical/chemical finishing process, for the reduction of suspended matter and phosphorus 
  • By biological pre-treatment to eliminate carbonaceous pollution
  • By biological process for diluted effluent and high water flow
  • By a methanisation process, for granular sludge and to make use of the energy contained in the sludge
  • By MBR, combining aerobic digestion with separation by ultrafiltration membranes


Furthermore, we offer a full range of services that cover complete operation of your water treatment installations, maintenance, technical assistance and leasing of mobile water treatment units to meet any temporary requirements (emergencies, maintenance, etc.).


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