Water treatment solutions

Water treatment solutions to meet the specific requirements of the petroleum and gas exploration and production sectors :


  • Guaranteed supply of injection water
  • Production of injection water to a specific quality (treatment of sulphates, etc.)
  • Treatment of produced water containing organic pollution
  • Recycling of produced water and reuse of BTEX compounds
  • Treatment of water containing hydrocarbons 
  • Treatment of sludge containing hydrocarbons


We have a complete range of water treatment solutions for the production of injection water, the treatment of produced water, its reuse, and the treatment of effluent from gas and petroleum exploration and production:


The production of injection water and the recycling of produced water:

  • By filtration units with filter media of varying kinds and granulometry according to the type of water being treated
  • By ultrafiltration for the complete elimination of suspended particles (bacteria, parasites, viruses, organic molecules and colloids) 
  • By reverse osmosis to decrease the consumption of chemical reagents
  • By coupling reverse osmosis with nano-filtration for the treatment of sulphates


The treatment of waste water containing oil and hydrocarbons, reuse of the by-products:

  • By biological processes to eliminate efficiently COD 
  • By MBR, combining aerobic digestion with separation by ultrafiltration membranes
  • By stripping of the BTEX compounds


Furthermore, we offer a full range of services that cover complete operation of your water treatment installations, maintenance, technical assistance, supply of spare parts and the leasing of mobile water treatment units to meet any temporary requirements (emergencies, maintenance, etc.). 


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Our references


Onshore & Reuse

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  • CPC, Novorossiysk, Russia
  • Eni, M’Boundi, Congo
  • PDVSA, Cabrutica, Venezuela
  • Maurel et Prom, Onal, Gabon
  • Total, Laggan & Tormore, UK
  • PDVSA, Tia Juana, Venezuela
  • Surmont Phase III, Alberta, Canada
  • Mt. Poso, California, USA
  • Encana, Alberta, Canada



  • Total, Rosa, Angola
  • ADNOC, Upper Zakum, Abu Dhabi
  • Total, Tchibuela, Congo
  • Total, Alwyn, North Sea
  • Shell, North Sea


ProcESS Group

In June 2014, Degremont finalised the acquisition of Process Group, a highly reputable company on the Upstream and Downstream Oil and Gas market in the Middle East, South East Asia and Asutralia. With a 30-plus year expertise in engineering, design, fabrication, and commissioning of equipment, Process Group brings the Group a complete portfolio of process technologies including:
-Gas dehydration
-Dew point control units & low temperature
-Carbon capture systems
-Gas sweetening systems & CO2 removal
-CO2 removal
-Fuel Gas treatment systems
-Crude Oil stabilisation & treatment
-Solids removal & handling systems
-Water treatment systems
-Deoiler Hydrocyclones
-Desander Hydrocyclones