Innovative water solutions

Water resources protection, biodiversity preservation, combat climat change

Producing drinking water, protecting public health, preserving natural resources, creating alternative production solutions, reusing wastewater or cutting the use of fossil fuels – these and other challenges are what motivate our employees and foster our capacity for innovation.

One of our current areas of focus involves the pre-empting of advances in water management by creating our own technological solutions, developing new partnerships and playing an active role in collaborative research programmes.


Our commitment to eco-engineering sees us constantly innovating to implement game-changing technologies for:


  • Drinking water production
  • Desalination of seawater or brackish water
  • Urban and industrial wastewater
  • Wastewater recycling
  • Sludge treatment


We also make every effort to reduce our plants’ environmental footprint by restricting their energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gas.  

We are committed to providing effective support for our customers in tackling major changes in their environment, be they of a financial, economic or technological nature.

Water treatment technologies occupy a frontline position in helping local authorities and industrial firms meet new targets for water protection and biodiversity, and combat climate change.



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