Compact rapid flotation units - Aquadaf PS

Aquadaf Package System (PS) is a range of compact metal units incorporating the following treatment stages:


  •  Coagulation of colloidal matter
  •  Hydraulic flocculation using baffles
  •  Rictor technology rapid dissolved air flotation
  •  Discharge of sludge accumulated on the surface by overflow or scraping.

This range covers flow rates from 25 to 300 m3/hr.

The dissolved air flotation technology used in the Aquadaf Package System is identical to the technology implemented in conventional Degrémont high capacity flotation plants:


  • Aquadaf : surface water clarification for drinking water production
  • Seadaf : seawater clarification before desalination
  • Greendaf : tertiary phosphorus removal from urban wastewater

This flotation technology is particularly effective in eliminating low density particulate pollution (algae, difficult-to-settle suspended solids). High flotation speeds make this a particularly compact clarification solution.

The main areas of application of Aquadaf PS are as follows:



aquadaf_1.jpg  aquadaf_2.jpg




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