Producing fresh water from salt water

Desalination is another way of producing fresh water to meet the growing needs of industry and households.


It is also a responsible means of managing this resource. As recognized pioneers in reverse osmosis desalination technology, we have been developing and integrating additional technologies and services ever since our first installation on France's Ile de Houat in 1969. We can deliver desalination plants within short time frames and at optimal investment and operating costs.

The design of a reverse osmosis desalination system calls for a series of treatment stages, such as:



Drawing on industrial know-how, we develop solutions that maximize the output of reverse osmosis systems, incorporate the use of renewable energies for a plant's power supply, foster internal energy recovery, and implement procedures to disperse saline concentrates to protect marine flora and fauna.





In the case of hybrid installations, we also set up reverse osmosis desalination systems that optimize energy consumption in thermal plants. The production of desalinated water by reverse osmosis is the final stage in water production from thermal desalination, which is more energy-intensive.





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