Degrémont Compact Units - UCD

We have developed the DEGREMONT COMPACT UNIT - UCD range for the supply of drinking water to urban centres and small communities where reliability and ruggedness are essential criteria. UCD plants are compact units for the production of drinking water from muddy fresh water. There are 14 treatment units in the range, covering flow rates from 5 to 720 m3/hr.

These plants use conventional water treatment technologies and are made up of easy-to-operate equipment. They can be used for end-to-end treatment comprising coagulation, flocculation, inclined plate clarification, sand filtration and disinfection.

UCD plants are delivered in the form of one or more factory-assembled skids, allowing fast positioning on site.


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The drinking water treatment process

[Clarification and filtration] fleche_EP.gif[Specific treatmentfleche_EP.gif [Disinfection]





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