Environmental and economic performance

We provide water and wastewater treatment solutions that meet with environmental issues, at the global scale and appropriate to local regulatory and economic constraints. We support local authorities in meeting their objectives of protecting water resources, preserving biodiversity and combating climate change.


Our technological know-how is recognised throughout the world. Our methods and processes are shared by all Degremont entities. We develop technological partneships. Active in over 70 countries over many years, we have developed a deep understanding of local issues.


We assist municipalities, whatever their size, in carrying out their responsibilities towards water management and sanitation services.


Drinking water production


Producing fresh water from salt water


Wastewater recycling


Driking water production   Seawater desalination   wastewater reuse

Guarantee the sanitary quality and control costs

     Providing access to water for all, while respecting the environment   Preserving water resources, increasing the available resource

Wastewater treatment


Sludge treatment


Urban wastewater treatment


Urban sludge treatment

Preserving biodiversity and protecting water resources   Harness the potential of sludge generated by water treatment    

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