Hollow fibre membrane bioreactor - Ultrafor PS

Ultrafor Package System (PS) is a range of standard solutions for the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater, using the ULTRAFOR process, which incorporates the following stages:


  •  Retention of solid waste by straining
  •  Activated sludge biological treatment
  •  Ultrafiltration by submerged hollow fibre membranes

This ultrafiltration system comes in skid form for a smaller footprint and greater ease of use. Our range of ultrafiltration units is made up of 8 models, with a maximum unit capacity of 1,750 m3/day*.

*We can also supply equipment from our Ultragreen Package System range (submerged flat sheet ultrafiltration membranes) for smaller capacity facilities.

Ultrafor PS uses hollow fibre membranes produced by GE. Their 0.035 micron cut-off makes them a genuine physical barrier, allowing for water quality that exceeds the most stringent standards.


ultrafor.jpg  ultrafor_2.jpg




The WASTEWATER REUSE treatment process

[Filtration] fleche_EP.gif [Specific treatment] fleche_EP.gif [Ultrafiltration] fleche_EP.gif [Polishing] fleche_EP.gif [Combined treatment]




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