Plate membrane bioreactor - Ultragreen PS

Ultragreen Package System (PS) is a range of standard solutions for the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater, using the Ultragreen process, which incorporates the following stages:


  •  Retention of solid waste by straining
  •  Activated sludge biological treatment
  •  Ultrafiltration by submerged plate membranes

This ultrafiltration system comes in skid form for a smaller footprint and greater ease of use. Our range of ultrafiltration units is made up of 5 models, with a maximum unit capacity of 450 m3/day*.

*We can also supply equipment from our Ulltrafor Package System range (submerged hollow fibre ultrafiltration membranes) for larger capacity facilities.

Ultragreen PS uses TORAY flat sheet membranes with a reinforced structure for increased service life and ruggedness. Their 0.08 micron cut-off makes them a genuine physical barrier, allowing water quality that exceeds the most stringent standards.


ultragreen.jpg  ultragreen_2.jpg





The WASTEWATER REUSE treatment process

[Filtration] fleche_EP.gif [Specific treatment] fleche_EP.gif [Ultrafiltration] fleche_EP.gif [Polishing] fleche_EP.gif [Combined treatment]




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