Wastewater recycling

Today, the importance of preserving water resources is acknowledged as being of three-fold importance: human, environmental and economic.


Simultaneously preventing discharges while increasing the available resource at a lower price, is one of the major advantages of wastewater reuse. In addition, access to an alternative resource of sufficient and consistent quality and quantity can contribute to sustainable development in areas affected by water shortages and droughts.


The challenge of protecting public health brought about by the reuse of treated and disinfected wastewater also places constraints on communities with regard to technology, with particular attention required when selecting the treatment facility and ensuring the reliability of operating facilities.


To assist local authorities in their resource management policy, within which wastewater reuse takes pride of place, we offer many technical solutions which satisfy safety and sanitary quality requirements.


Depending on whether the water will be used for agricultural, urban or industrial purposes, and the regulations in force, several water treatment stages are possible:






  • combined treatment associates several stages within a single structure (MBR), from biological treatment to purification by membranes





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