Sludge and biosolids treatment and recovery

To define and select an optimal sludge treatment we need to know:

  • the sludge composition in relation to its origin
  • the final destination of treated sewage sludge (recycling, recovery, destruction)


The steady growth in the volume of sludge generated by water treatment, linked both to demographic change and the increasing urban sprawl, leads to increasingly tighter constraints for the municipalities.


The treatment of sludge in order to reduce its volume and transform it into a recoverable product is now a necessity.


To support local authorities in the management of sludge and by-products treatment, which must be recycled, eliminated or recovered, we offer various technical solutions which implement proprietary or licensed processes for:



  • Sludge digestion in order to reduce it in size, increased dryness through dewatering, long-term stabilization, and the recovery of green energy from sludge in the form of biogas,






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