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Monday October 08, 2012

Preliminary commercial acceptance of the Melbourne desalination plant, on September 29th


The Victorian desalination plant in Australia has begun successfully producing drinking water at industrial scale in the first phase of its testing process...



Friday September 14, 2012

First large production of drinking water from the Victorian Desalination Plant (Melbourne) in Australia.


The Victorian Desalination Plant has been successfully producing drinking water in the past seven days during the first phase of the testing process,  highlighting the important engineering achievements that have been realized to design and build Australia’s largest desalination plant.



Thursday June 14, 2012

Degrémont awarded the engineering and procurement contract for the wastewater treatment plant at BP’s refinery in Rotterdam


Degrémont Industry was awarded the engineering and process equipment procurement contract for the effluent treatment plant at BP’s Rotterdam refinery. The contract is valued at €10.7 million and the commissioning of the plant is scheduled for the end of 2014.


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