Dewatering process for drinking water sludge and sludge from wastewater

Piston presses dewatering process for drinking water sludge and sludge from wastewater

Degrémont and the Swiss company Bucher Unipektin1 have signed a partnership agreement to market an innovative technological solution in sludge dewatering: Dehydris Twist.

Dehydris Twist achieves a level of dry solids content that is greater to what can be reached through “traditional” technologies (e.g. centrifugal separation or filter press) without the addition of lime.


Application for drinking water sludge:

The highest levels of dry solids content offer multiple reuse options for drinking water sludge. The sludge can be reused in a landfill (cover layer), or in cement works, as well as in existing outlets for spreading and composting.


Application for wastewater sludge:

The use of this innovation for sludge from treatment plants produces significant energy savings in the overall thermal treatment system since sludge that has been dewatered in this way can be dried at lower cost or incinerated without make-up fuel.



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