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Fully modularized concept using standard RO technology for the treatment of brackish well water

More than 30 years after having built in Salboukh the first big world desalination reference within the first large RO contract in the world, Degrémont is back to Riyadh by proposing a new type of desalination plants. It has never been done before, it is a real new success story..


Micropollutants in water: treatment processes

Micropollutants arrive in the natural environment mainly through municipal or industrial wastewater, agriculture, hospital activity, transport and machinery, direct emissions and atmospheric fallout ...
What are the treatment processes to reduce the micropollutants in water?



Piston presses dewatering process for drinking water sludge and sludge from wastewater

Degrémont and the Swiss company Bucher Unipektin1 have signed a partnership agreement to market an innovative technological solution in sludge dewatering: Dehydris Twist.



Sequenced aeration regulation of activated sludge

The town of Tournus in France will benefit from an innovative technology, Greenbass process, for more energy-efficient of the waste water treatment plant.



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