Thursday March 12, 2015

All SUEZ environnement companies are now one

Now, DegreĢmont, SITA, Agbar, Aqualogy, Lyonnaise des Eaux, United Water, Ondeo Italia, Ondeo CZ, Ondeo Industrial Solutions, SAFEGE... and all the group’s companies become one: SUEZ environnement.


The development of the world is accelerating, the resources requirement of cities and industries keeps on growing. Our Group has a key role to play since it has become vital to manage resources differently, to protect them, to reuse them, to recycle them, to valorize them to produce new resources.


Ready for the resource revolution

The resource revolution is a necessity for mankind and a wonderful opportunity for the Group. Today, all SUEZ environnement companies are now one. This single brand, the culmination of over 150 years of shared history, expresses our ambition and demonstrates our commitment to securing resources.
This change has three major goals: to simplify a multi-brand architecture for improved performance and commercial efficiency, to meet the new needs of customers, in local authorities and industry and to reinforce the convergence between the Group's activities so that we can address the challenges of a circular economy.
Over the 5 continents, SUEZ environnement supports towns and industries in the circular economy to maintain, optimise and secure the resources essential for our future.
We are ready for the resource revolution!
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