Tuesday May 05, 2015

SUEZ environnement was awarded with two distinctions at the Global Water Awards 2015 whose the Desalination Company of the Year

Organised every year by the Global Water journal, the Global Water Awards recognise excellence in the global water industry, and celebrate the people, projects and technologies that have made a difference in the past year.

The 27th of april, SUEZ environnement was recognized again with two distinctions: one Distinction award for its Treatment Solutions offer in the Desalination Company of the Year1 category and one Distinction award for its Advanced Solutions offer in the Water Company of the Year2 category.





Concerning its Treatment Solutions offer, in 2014, SUEZ environnement made a significant contribution to the desalination industry in all fields, including municipal and industrial markets as well as innovation. The company demonstrated its mastery in every aspect of the reverse osmosis desalination process, designing and commissioning some of the largest membrane facilities in the world, and pushing boundaries through new technologies tested on pilotes.


Projects such as the following are clear examples:


MIRFA desalination plant: SUEZ environnement has been chosen to design, build and operate for seven years an IWPP3 plant with a capacity of 136,000 m3/d in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The Mirfa IWPP financing project (ENGIE) received the Water deal of the Year award
Innovative filtration systems in FPSO4 installations: in the industrial field, SUEZ environnement confirms its ability to support the high-potential development of the Oil & Gas sector, especially the booming upstream offshore segment. Indeed SUEZ environnement offers to supply FPSO installations with innovative nanofiltration systems that are able to extract sulphates from the sea water injected into the wells to bring the oil to the surface and with a reverse osmosis refining. Following the 2013 successes to equip three FPSOs, in 2014, SUEZ environnement won two new engineering and procurement contracts to equip three FPSOs. These contracts strengthen SUEZ environnement in the industrial desalination fields, a position cemented by the acquisition of the Australia-based Process Group Company

Cutting edge energy-efficient desalination pilot plant: concerning innovation, in May 2014, SUEZ environnement signed with Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company and Masdar Institute of Science and Technology a contract for the construction and operation of an advanced energy-efficient desalination pilot plant. The contract includes a complete reverse osmosis line and a breakthrough innovation to produce fresh water from the brine. The last-generation reverse osmosis membranes (not yet launched on the market) are tested for their high energy efficiency potential and their reliability. The brine treatment is based on the extraction of salts by a liquid/liquid exchange using a solvent solution which contains ionic resins. The facility will offer more energy efficiency than current state-of-the-art desalination systems and be potentially powered by 100% renewable energy sources.



 1 The Desalination Company of the Year category recognizes the desalination plant supplier that has made the greatest overall contribution to the desalination industry.

 2 The Water Company of the Year category recognizes  the water company that made the most significant contribution to the development of the international water sector

 3 Independant Water and Power Production

4  Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading








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