Thursday January 09, 2014

Discover the Degremont Industry new commercial video and meet Alex!

Alex is inexhaustible about water treatment for industry and shares his passion with his wife, Emma. Like many others associates, he contributes daily to make Degrémont Industry the main partner in water management for industry.

Degrémont Industry, global player in the optimum and comprehensive management of the industrial water cycle, is purely devoted to industry’s specific needs. From resource to discharge, Degrémont Industry provides a large portfolio made up of tailored technological solutions and innovative services that combine both economic and environmental performance.

To  increase the competitiveness of its customers, ensure reliability of the production and reduce environmental impact, Degrémont Industry delivers integrated and optimised solutions by creating value throughout the water cycle : process water, industrialists wastewater and sludge…

Watch the video Meet Alex, a passionate associate at Degremont Industry









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