Monday April 07, 2014

Degrémont commits for seas and oceans’ protection with the Ecoseastem Initiative

Degrémont Services which operates the Nice Haliotis wastewater treatment plant, has launched this year, with SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s support, the Ecoseastem Iniative, in partnership with the City of Nice Côte d’Azur, the « MED expedition » association and the «Villefranche Oceanographic Observatory».


Photo credit Degrémont  


As a matter of fact, although biological and chemical pollutions are nowadays treated by wastewater treatment plants, new kinds of pollution have emerged and are likely to threaten in the long term the marine environment. This is the case with plastic wastes.

Recent scientific studies identified a specific risk: clothing microplastic fibers pollution. These fibers are released in wastewaters from our washing machines.


Degrémont Services has therefore launched the Ecoseastem Initiative. Not only will it help to better understand the kind of risks which come from this pollution, its impact on marine environment, wildlife but also to tryout the best technologies to retain these wastes at the wastewater treatment plant level.








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